Recovery Card - instant system recovery
Recovery Card Solution
Instant Recovery Card


The Recovery Card is a powerful instant recovery system technology for cyber cafes, schools, libraries, companies, etc.

It can protect your computers from:

  • file corruption
  • unwanted modification
  • accidental or intentional damage to the hard drives
  • viruses
  • hacking
  • tampering
  • unwanted software installation
  • formating and deleting the hard disks

Did you ever have the experience of re-installing your programs over and over again?
Have your customers ever caused your system to be unbootable because of the changes they made to the software or the OS?
Are you wondering why do you have to spend so much time getting the computers to their original state?

Recovery Cards are simple and cost-efficient solution to your problems!

With this powerful protection your computers are maintained in seconds, not hours.

There are no more technical issues! No more downtime!

Recovery Card allow you to get the maximum performance from your business, with minimal effort.

Recovery Card comes with special software which allows you to perform remote administration tasks on the computers equipped in cards in your network.

Recovery Card can also protect your PCs from various kind of damage from user or from Internet. From now on, you can spend less time and save more money to maintain your Cyber Cafe.

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