Recovery Card - instant system recovery
Recovery Card Solution
Instant Recovery Card

Recovery Card

The most powerful system and data recovery card ever developed


Instant Recovery Card Hardware

Recovery Card gives you total protection of the computers.

After pluging it into a free PCI expansion slot and simply rebooting, the computer becomes protected against unexpected wrong operation and viruses, now you can try many dangerous operations (delete, format, fdisk, uninstall, etc.). With a single reboot, the destroyed system will be backup and recovered to the normal status.




Scope of Application

  1. Even when the OS is destroyed, everything will go back the original state after re-boot.
  2. Prevent viruses from destroying the OS
  3. Prevent accidental file deletion
  4. No need to worry any setting change by another people.
  5. Best tool for network and system administrators, all troubles will disappear once reset.
  6. Allow customers to issue even the most dangerous system command. Don't worry about the OS be destroyed.

Features and Functions

  1. Express installation
    Quick and easy installation with three "Enter" keys. The original OS, application programs and data on the partitions will be kept unchanged.
  2. Software integrated with Hardware
    The recovery software is integrated with a PCI expansion card which can not be destroyed by any kind of software operation.
  3. Instant Protection
    Immediate protection after installation, no need to repartition, re-format or re-install the operating system.
  4. Configurable Protection Range
    You can configure which partitions should be protected, allowing more flexible protection.
  5. CMOS Protection
    Intelligent CMOS protection ensures your settings are correct. A warning message will be given as soon as any change of CMOS occurs.
  6. Outstanding Protection and Recovery
    Even with a damaged operating system, Recovery Card can still function properly.
  7. Authorization Management
    Provides password management, and allows administrators or users to operate and manage according to different requirements.
  8. Easy Uninstallation
    You can safely uninstalling Recovery Card. The hard disk will return to the status of the most recent data save.
  9. Virus Protection
    If the computer is invaded by any kind of virus, once recovery is being performed, all viruses will disappear.
  10. Data Saving
    Recovery Card allows you to save the OS in the stable status to protect the data and software.
  11. Quick Recovery
    Recovery is very fast. All data will be recovered without any noticable delay.
  12. Various Recovery Modes
    Recovery Card provides various recovery methods to meet various requirements, such as non-recovery, automatic recovery, manual recovery, scheduled recovery and data saving.
  13. Minimum Hard Disk Space for Installation
    Recovery Card requires only 0.05% of hard disk space for installation, which is significantly better than reserving 200MB for recovery system of Windows and 10-20% of other recovery hardware/software tools.
  14. Supported Operating Systems and processors
    Recovery Card supports Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and finally Windows Vista. Both 32 and 64 bit processors are supported.
  15. Supported Filesystems
    Recovery Card supports BIGDOS, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.
  16. Supported Hard Disks
    All SCSI, EIDE, IDE, ATA33, ATA66, ATA100, ATA133, SATA (Serial ATA 150) and SATA II hard disks are supported.
  17. Additional software
    Recovery Card comes with special software allowing remote control of the workstations in the network - recovering and saving data, restarting operating system, executing commands etc. Please note that the controlled computers also need to have the Recovery Card installed.